Host conference (DAMDID)

DACOMSIN 2019 workshop is hosted by DAMDID 2019 conference and comes firt chronologically, as the first day of the conference.

DACOMSIN workshop is going to take place in Moscow, and the main DAMDID conference in Kazan.

Moscow and Kazan are 800 kilometers (500 miles) apart; please take a look at our travel advice for more detail.

Participants of the DACOMSIN workshop are encouraged to proceed to the main DAMDID conference. Participants of the main DAMDID conference are encouraged to come for DACOMSIN workshop first, which specifically makes sense if you are travelling to Kazan via Moscow.

DACOMSIN workshop shares some logistics with the host DAMDID conference but not in full as this was not organizationally viable. Please look around this website and the DAMDID website for particular arrangements.