Travel and visa advice

DACOMSIN workshop venue

The DACOMSIN workshop is hosted by National University of Science and Technology MISiS in Moscow (formerly known as the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys). MISiS has rich history of international cooperation and hosts the Russian National Contact Point for European research programmes.

MISiS location on the map of Moscow:

Detailed directions will be supplied to the registered workshop participants.

Recommended hotels

  • Hotel Warsaw
    A 3-star hotel that is most close to the workshop venue (2 min walking)
    Address: Leninsky Ave, 2/1, Moscow 119049
  • “Akademicheskaya” Hotel
    A cheaper option across the main road (5 min walking)
    Address: Donskaya Str, 1, Moscow 119049
  • President-Hotel
    A 4-star hotel further away from the workshop venue (10 min by public transport or 20 min walking) and closer to the Moscow historic centre
    Address: Bol’shaya Yakimanka Str, 24, Moscow 119180
  • Park Inn by Radisson Sadu
    A 4-star hotel further away from the workshop venue (15 min by public transport or 25 min walking) and closer to the Moscow historic centre
    Address: Bol’shaya Polyanka Str, 17, Moscow 119180

Visa advice and support

Russia has got a visa-free travel agreements with a number of countries; see an unofficial list in Wikipedia article Visa policy of Russia and make sure you do your own checks well in advance before you go.

If you need a Russian visa, the DACOMSIN Organizing Committee provides visa support for the workshop participants and can generate an invitation letter for the Russian consulate in your country, which will make obtaining visa a smoother experience. For getting the invitation letter, please ask the DACOMSIN Organizing Committee in advance by email You will need to prepare the following:

  • A visa support form filled in: visasupportform
  • A copy of your passport main page
  • A copy of your passport page with your previous Russian visa if it was issued for your past visit

Travel and health insurance

Russia is not a member of the European Union, so EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) does not apply. Please make your own arrangements for travel and health insurance. Both Moscow (the DACOMSIN workshop location) and Kazan (the main DAMDID conference location) are in the European part of Russia. It is quite common when you buy a travel insurance to cover “Europe” that it includes all European Russia (up to Ural Mountains). Yet please make your own checks before you go, to decide what insurance you need.

Going from DACOMSIN workshop to the main DAMDID conference

DACOMSIN workshop is planned with the requirements of the main DAMDID conference in mind. You will be able to attend all of the workshop in Moscow and then take an evening plane or an overnight train (with a sleeping coach) to Kazan.

The main DAMDID conference is hosted by Kazan Federal University, which is one of the oldest universities in Russia. You better check upon the official DAMDID website for the exact directions to the main conference venue; below is just a general advice for going from Moscow to Kazan.

Kazan is about 800 kilometers (500 miles) from Moscow, see the map below, and the quickest way of getting there from Moscow is by air. Flights are frequent, please take a look at Google Flights or your favourite flights search engine to select a suitable one. Please bear in mind that Moscow has got several airports, so make sure you know which one to go to for your flight. You can make your own judgement about what flight and what airport to choose, yet as rule of thumb an evening flight (after the workshop) from Vnukovo airport may be most reasonable.

Alternatively, you can take a train, perhaps an overnight one with a sleeping coach. You can use TUTU.RU online service to find trains and buy tickets. Please bear in mind that Moscow has got several major (terminus) train stations, so make sure you know which one to go to for your train.

Another way of booking raiway tickets online is RealRussia website that relies on the official schedule of the Russian Railways. For excellent general advice on travelling by train in Russia, we recommend Seat 61 country guide; you can also book tickets from there using a link to the aforementioned RealRussia service.

Going from Moscow to Kazan by car is less comfortable in October than in a warmer and dryer season, so please consider it carefullly before you decide going by car. Taking a train or a plane just makes more sense for a common traveller.

Wikitravel.Org is a reasonable source of common knowledge for visitors to Moscow or Kazan, so you may want to take a look in there for a more detailed travel advice including how to get around the cities:

Further ideas for your travel

DACOMSIN workshop and its host DAMDID conference are happening a week before the Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting in Helsinki, Finland: https://www.rd-

Those of you who travel to Europe from overseas may decide to have a longer stay in Russia or other European destination, and use the Moscow workshop and the main conference in Kazan as first steps on the way to the RDA Plenary. One possible transit point between DACOMSIN / DAMDID and RDA Plenary could be Saint Petersburg which has excellent transportation links with the rest of Russia on one hand and with Helsinki on the other hand. It should not be too boring to stay in Saint Petersburg for a few days; take a look into the Wikitravel article about this great city. “Seat 61” website supplies excellent advice for travelling from St Petersburg to Helsinki or from Moscow to Helsinki by train; alternatively, you can travel by air, or cross the sea from St Petersburg to Helsinki by ferry.

Finland is a member of Schengen visa agreement and depending on your personal circumstances you may or may not need additional visa arrangements for travelling there from Russia.